Innovative and efficient
composite matrix products.

We support you in bringing innovative composite solutions into automotive series production.

Dedicated implementation of composite matrix innovations.

Project realization

Project realization

Matrix Systems

Matrix Systems

High-performance result

High-performance result

Project realization

Turning new products in to a successfull innovation for you requires a strong team. Through the combination of special chemistry and engineering we are bringing innovative composite matrix products to series production.

Matrix Systems

Key for our innovation are novel matrix components of Evonik, that take efficiency of composites manufacturing to the next level.

High-performance result

Target for us is the realization of the benefits of the innovative composite matrix componentens in your products.

Our Products.

VESTALITE® products are tailor-made solutions for high performance composite parts based on epoxies and polyurethanes.
VESTALITE® products allow for cost-efficient and fast processing for high performance composite parts which makes them particularly suitable for next generation automotive composite applications.

VESTALITE® is a registered trademark of Evonik.


Polyurethane resin formulation with excellent surface qualities

VESTALITE P resin formulations for fast and automated compression molding prepregs.


Polyurethane resin formulation for metal composite hybrid parts

VESTALITE P resin formulations for fast and automated compression molding prepregs.


Amine based curing agent for high performance SMC

VESTALITE S curing agents for next generation epoxy SMC materials: high performance and styrene free.

Our areas of applications.

A selection

Structural Parts

Polyurethane formulations for prepreg based metal composite hybrid parts

Semi-structural parts

Curing agents for high performance epoxy SMC compounds

Exterior Parts

Polyurethane formulations for composite parts with excellent surfaces

Interior Parts

Curing agents for VOC and styrene free, odorless epoxy SMC compounds

Chassis and drive train

Polyurethance formulations with superior toughness and flexibility


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